Are you trying to generate an income from your new website? Well, to monetize your site the best option is to start working with an ad platform. If you don’t know what that is but you are interested in getting a profit, continue reading.

Regardless of your site’s flow or content, there are a slew of organisations on the internet waiting to manage it. All you have to do now is locate it and allow it to manage your page. This platform will add publishing to your site, which will be carefully selected by algorithms, and you will begin making money from the very first view.

If you want to generate money quickly and effortlessly, working with advertising agencies is the ideal alternative. Every engagement you have with your visitors boosts your earnings and metrics. You’ll be present at the most crucial stage of your company’s development.

So, if you’re considering this fantastic option, think carefully, consider your needs and what the platforms have to offer, and pick the finest option. It’s all right. We understand that this is not an easy task. As a result, we’ve compiled a brief but effective list of companies willing to collaborate with you. Choose one from the list below.


MediaFem is a well-known internet company that is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and compassionate. The company’s profit-to-payout ratio is 70-30. They split the profits 70 percent with the publishers and 30 percent with the authors.

MediaFem works by analysing the content of a website or blog with an algorithm in order to display a related ad that researchers would find interesting. Simply copy and paste the ad code provided by the ad provider into your website, and you’ll be paid every time someone clicks or scrolls on it. Unlike other ad networks, this one prides itself on supplying high-quality content to bloggers. It quickly adapts to changing advertising requirements, ensuring that every impression is as positive as possible.

MediaFem has grown into the company it is now by providing relevant information and implementing more successful strategies than other ad networks.


PropellerAds is an ad network that provides a broad variety of industry-leading ad-serving and optimization solutions to online marketers and site publishers.

PropellerAds offers a variety of ad kinds, including display, native, pop-under, and push notifications. On the platform, you can create campaigns and view real-time reporting for your advertising, making it simple to track and manage.

The only payment methods with a $25 minimum payout are PayPal, Payoneer, Bank Transfer, Webmoney, and ePayments.

3- Taboola

Taboola is a well-known content discovery and native advertising platform that assists businesses in reaching out to highly targeted audiences and growing their traffic.

Taboola‘s personalised content recommendations appear in the feed and as a widget at the bottom, top, or side of blog posts. You can also divide your audience into groups based on their location, device, operating system, and type of connection.

You have entire control over your campaigns with the programme, from setting your own goals to modifying the daily ad distribution once they go live. Taboola is a great tool for people who want to understand how effective their advertisements are and where they can improve their strategies.